Baking Inquiries

Hi! You’re likely on this page because you’ve heard of me, seen my photos and/or you’re potentially interested in me baking for your event or wedding. Thank you for considering me! Here are a few quick Q&As to help you determine if this is the right fit:


Q: Do you deliver throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota? 
A: YES. The Twin Cities metro area is my primary market. I can deliver anywhere within the 25 mile Minneapolis/St. Paul radius with a small delivery fee.

Q: Do you deliver outside of that 25 mile radius? 
A: Yes I do, but the delivery fee will increase accordingly.

Q: What kind of events do you bake for? 
A: If I am available, I can bake for any event. So far, I have baked for weddings, baby and wedding showers, work events, birthdays and holiday pies.

Q: My venue says I can only use a licensed baker–are you licensed to bake?
A: I am currently registered under the Minnesota Cottage Food Law to bake out of my home and I have taken an online course for food preparation.




Q: What types of desserts do you bake? 
A: I am fairly open to baking different desserts for events, and can usually accommodate dessert requests. My most popular desserts, in order of request, include:

  1. Cupcakes
  2. Pies
  3. Bridal or other one-tier cakes
  4. Cheesecakes
  5. Baked donuts

Q: Can you accommodate me or my guest’s allergies? 
A: While I understand there are a lot of different food allergies out there, my baking requires both dairy and gluten products. In most cases, I cannot accommodate gluten- or dairy-free allergies. I can accommodate nut, fruit, spice, seed and soy allergies, amongst others.



Q: What do you charge? 
A: This answer will always vary depending on delivery, amount and flavors. Here are the prices for my most popular dessert requests:

  • Cupcakes: 
    $2.50 a piece for “simple” flavors including vanilla, chocolate and red velvet
    $3.00 a piece for specialty flavors and ingredients
  • Pies:
    $27 a piece for pies
  • Bridal or other one-tier cakes:
    Start at $50 for 3-layer, 8″ – 9″ round cake
  • Cheesecakes:
    Start at $30 a piece for standard 9″ – 10″ cheesecake
  • Baked donuts:
    Start at $10 for a dozen mini donuts and $15 for a dozen regular-sized donuts
  • Rental cake or cupcake plates:
    Cake and cupcake plates can be rented for $15 a piece

*These prices do not include delivery fee

Check out my baking gallery here for inspiration!

More questions or interested in placing an order? Please email me at